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Best practice corporate governance requires that the board meets periodically throughout the year to ensure that directors are fully aware of developments of the fund and to address any issues that may arise.   Meetings should be set in advance to ensure the availability of all participants, a clear agenda should be set for such meetings, manager and administrator reports circulated in advance of the meeting and professional minutes should be taken with any action points noted for follow up. Minutes should then be circulated to all directors for approval and then filed in the Minute Book of the Company. Auditors will typically want to see copies of such minutes as part of their review of the control process in place.   Bell Rock provides company secretary services to meet the above requirements. Feel free to contact us for further information. .

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Cayman Umbrella Fund Structure – Segregated Portfolio Company

Once registered under the Cayman Islands Companies Law, a segregated portfolio company (“SPC”) can operate segregated portfolios (“SPs”) with the benefit of statutory segregation of assets and liabilities between portfolios. The principal advantage of an SPC over a standard exempted company is to protect the assets of one portfolio from the liabilities of other portfolios.

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Private Equity In Asia

Asian markets are some of the largest and fastest growing in the world, and private equity investors have taken notice. General Partners have taken advantage of the rich and dynamic investment landscape by pouring in more than $150 billion in 2017, a 40% increase from...

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Cayman Islands Guide: Cayman Islands Company Incorporation

The following information relates to the formation of an exempted company as provided by the Companies Law (as Revised) of the Cayman Islands (the “Companies Law”). The most common type of offshore company is the exempted company. This form of legal entity is used in...

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