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Our professionals are experienced board members with a unique combination of senior level portfolio management, hedge fund operations, legal, risk management and banking backgrounds. We take a partnership approach with clients, seeking to add value based on our years of experience, expertise and integrity. Our clients can contact us whenever they need to discuss a matter or require input from us. Typically, we are involved in discussions at an early stage when a hedge fund is being launched or when a manager is contemplating appointing an independent director to an existing hedge fund.   We provide independent director services to investment funds from start up hedge funds to asset managers with USD 50 billion under management. We work closely with investment managers and service providers in all major financial regions of the world and hold excellent relationships with industry.   Bell Rock is licensed and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). Our directors are also approved in accordance with the Directors Registration & Licensing Law (2014). As a regulated firm, we are audited by a CIMA approved audit firm, required to maintain robust IT infrastructure, business contingency planning and disaster recovery for client data.



Bell Rock is at the forefront of promoting the highest standards of offshore fund governance from initial consultation with managers on industry best practice to working with service providers to develop a corporate governance framework.


Our experience as professional independent directors provides us with a unique insight on industry developments across a range of funds in different global regions, fund strategies, investor demands and regional regulatory matters. We are a key partner to industry and frequently meet with industry partners in the major financial cities, at our offices in Cayman and elsewhere.


Independence is fundamental to demonstrating best practice governance and ensuring investors are treated fairly. In our view, an independent director should be just that: independent. We do not provide services that may present a conflict of interest and therefore have no affiliation with investment managers or advisers, law firms, fund administrators, prime brokers or auditors. We do not hold investments in any of the funds that we act for.


Investors demand that fund directors have adequate expertise that enable them to fully understand risk management, legal and regulatory developments, portfolio management, compliance, operations and tax. Bell Rock professionals have over 15 years expertise at leading global firms in key areas of international finance.


David Lloyd, Director, Fund Services


We invite you to explore how the most respected managers and investors worldwide are currently utlising Bell Rock Group to provide high-quality fund governance to their investment fund structures, through a myriad of roles including, but not limited to, Independent Directors, Managing Members, General Partners, Advisory Committee Members and Independent Fund Representatives. With investors and regulastors seeking to ensure that funds are conflict-free, appointing Bell Rock independent directors will ensure that fund managers not only raise the level of their fund governance in an world of transparency and compliance, but also enhance their fund offering.
Jeffrey Shaul Independent Fund Director Bell Rock Group

 Jeffrey Shaul

Independent Fund Director
Evan Judd Independent Fund Director Bell Rock Group

Evan Judd

Independent Fund Director
Zach Ziliak Independent Fund Director Bell Rock Group

Zach Ziliak

Independent Fund Director
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