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As a globally focused business with local expertise, we pride ourselves on helping our clients navigate regulatory requirements, provide fund solutions, independent fund governance and assisting clients with cross-border transaction structuring and Cayman corporate administration services. From supporting our local communities to nurturing tomorrow’s talent, we are working to positively impact our clients, our people and the financial services industry. Bell Rock Group provides high-quality, tailored solutions for corporate, fund, capital market and private wealth transactions, with a focus on building long-term relationships with our clients.

Client satisfaction

We constantly strive to develop and deliver services that the market needs and wants.

Bell Rock is a leader in the field of Fund and Corporate Services. We are a key partner to the financial services industry.

Our services

Meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations remains at the core of our business.

Our experts

We seek to provide our clients with a service hallmarked by highly professional people with uncompromised integrity, senior level expertise and responsiveness.

Who we are

Bell Rock Group is a globally trusted provider of Fund and Corporate Services, acting for leading financial institutions, family offices, multi-national corporations, hedge funds, private equity funds, asset managers and private clients. We are at the forefront of fund governance initiatives, structure funds for launch and provide corporate services to asset finance, capital markets and private wealth structures involving Cayman entities. Bell Rock is licensed and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.


Bell Rock was founded in 2012 in response to the need of the industry for robust independent services and a Cayman professional firm with employees who, not only have expertise in offshore funds, corporate governance and corporate services but also global senior level experience. We understand and appreciate, from having worked in industry throughout our careers, the complexity of transactions and the expectations required of our clients. Each member of our professional team has over 18 years of senior industry experience, working for well-known institutions in London, New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Tokyo and Singapore.

Bell Rock Group services

Independent Director Services

Fund Structuring, Formation & Launch Services – Investment Funds

Corporate Services & Registered Office

Compliance Services - MLRO, DMLRO & AMLCO

Registered Agent / Process Agent

Company Incorporation

Partnership Incorporation

Foundation Incorporation

SPV Services - Capital Markets & Structured Finance Structuring & Administration

Blockchain & Fintech Services

Nominee Shareholder

Ultimate Beneficial Owner register

Substance & Physical Presence

Voluntary Liquidation Services

Client Case Studies – read about the success of our clients and how we have helped them.

Our business principles

We are devoted to providing an unmatched level of corporate and fund services to our clients based on high quality independent, financial, legal and industry expertise. Our Business Principles are our values and articulate the Firm’s culture and how we engage with clients. Our entire culture is predicated on trust and experience. Our professionals share an uncompromised dedication to excellence and integrity worldwide.

1. Clients
Clients are everything to us. When we engage with a client, we agree not only to represent them, but to support them if the circumstances require it. 

Sustainable – we work to build long-term relationships.

2. People
It takes a special kind of person to enjoy and prosper in our Firm. Our people succeed through their wits, their experience, their relationships and their creativity.
3. Technology & Security

We employ bank encrypted security of our client data. We continuously monitor and invest in IT to ensure that we provide technological efficiencies for our clients whilst ensuring that we maintain robust secure client data practices.

4. Independence

We are a truly independent firm and therefore not affiliated with fund managers, law firms, administrators or other service providers that may present conflicts of interest. This is particularly important when providing independent director services.

5. Diverse
We embrace diversity, not merely because it’s right, but because it creates the most interesting, vibrant and commercial environment.
6. Trusted
“I trust you” is the highest compliment we can receive from a client or a colleague. We aspire to be the most trusted Firm in our industry.
7. Reputation
While our business model hinges on having experienced senior people with exceptional reputations, our more junior people are the lifeblood of the Firm. We cannot be successful without fully developing the next generation to take the place of the current partners. Everyone who works for our Firm plays their part and we welcome internal communication and constructive criticism to constantly improve our business model. Our ethos extends beyond our employees. Every person in the Firm should be devoted, first and foremost, to the Firm’s reputation and well-being. Self-centered or “silo” behavior is antithetical to who we are.
8. Ambitious
At our Firm, personal ambition and teamwork go hand in hand. Let’s always venerate individual creativity and drive, mindful that each of us, and therefore the Firm, performs most effectively when we operate in a collegial manner.
9. Reputation
Every day, we have an obligation to protect, uphold and enhance our reputation.
10. Regulated

We are licensed and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA).

Conduct & standards

Bell Rock makes sure that all its employees and business entities operate to the highest ethical and professional standards.


Working environment

We are committed to developing and supporting our people across the organisation…

Environment & social impact

Sustainability is a core part of our corporate strategy and foundation for business growth.

Client data & security

Bell Rock utilizes robust client data security techniques that provide bank encrypted storage and communication.

Insights from our blog

Our professionals have a wealth of industry knowledge and work closely with industry. Here you will find pertinent articles and Cayman Islands financial services insight on industry matters related to the hedge fund, private equity, offshore fund and private wealth markets including changing regulation and best practice.

Cayman Economic Substance | Bell Rock Group – Entity Management Services

A new economic substance bill was past by the Cayman Islands legislature December 17, 2018. This new legislation entitled The International Tax Co-operation (Economic Substance) Law, 2018 (the Economic Substance Law), will only affect Relevant Entities (as defined below) in the list of Countries who, Effective January 1, 2019, will be required to demonstrate adequate economic substance in the Cayman Islands.

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Fund Governance

As a globally focused business with local expertise, we pride ourselves on helping our clients navigate regulatory requirements, provide fund solutions, independent fund governance and assisting clients with cross-border transaction structuring and Cayman corporate administration services.

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